How Can This Not Be Fun? There's a Man Dressed As a Cow

Things we've never done (or at least we didn't realized there was a term for it): Live Blogging. 

My first thought was, oh goodness, we were going to have to write a live blog post and people are going to critique us in real time?! Thankfully after attending the Beer Bloggers Conference last month in Tampa, we quickly found out it wasn't that at all! 

At the end of the second day of sessions, we all loaded up into several Brew Bus Tampa rides and were whisked away to a local distributor, J.J. Taylorwhich by the way, was gi-normous, for our first ever live blogging session. We knew it was going to be a great time when we walked in and saw a man dressed in a cow costume. I mean, really, how can something not be fun when something like this happens?! 

 Sweet Brew Bus Tampa ride, huh?!

Sweet Brew Bus Tampa ride, huh?!

Onto live blogging. The premise for this very fun 50 minutes is this: our group (which included the very awesome Janelle from Dogfish and the super cool Jean from Devil's Backbone) was seated at a round table. When the timer went off, a brewery rep (or owner) stopped by our table with some of his or her beers to sample where they had 5 minutes to tell us about the brewery and about the beers we were drinking. It was a bit intense, but it was a blast. 

Round 1 was a visit from Lagunitas where we got to sip on one of our go to favorites, their IPA. This is one of the beers we've both loved for as long as we can remember. Their entry into the Delaware market was quite the happy day for us.  

Moving on from there, we were next introduced to the first canned beer from Salt Water Brewery, Screamin' Reels IPA, brewed in Delray Beach, FL. This brewery was super cool to chat with as they've partnered with WeBelievers to create edible six-pack rings. How cool is that?

Round three brought a Scottish accent and St. Pete Brewing The McCracken. Thankfully the beer was tremendously better than my very bad attempt at a Scottish accent. 

When you're in Florida, it seems to be a given that citrus beer is a must! Crooked Thumb Brewing Florida Grapefuit Gose fits that bill perfectly! 

If you squeezed a watermelon into a beer can, I'm pretty sure it would turn into Terrapin Beer Company Watermelon Gose (so many gose!) 

12.8 of double barrel aged coffee coconut imperial stout = Cigar City Brewing Decoherence. It was as awesome as it was described to us. And then some. 

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez is something I can see myself enjoying on a hot summer day.

When a man shows up at your table dressed up as a cow, it's a pretty good indication that he isn't taking life too serious and that the bee is going to be awesome. And all of these thing proved to be 

Loved the New Belgium suggested blending Citradelic and Heavy Mellon. What an awesome suggestion during live blogging! Now, what to call it?!

Hello, Florida Beer Florida Lager! This was a stellar way to end 10 beers of live Beer Bloggers Conference Live Blogging. One of the things I liked the most was having a change to  

Loved trying old favorites and beers we were already familiar with, plus beers local to Tampa Bay and the state of Florida.