Pescatore's Autumn Craft Beer Dinner - After This We Are SO Ready For Fall!

When we first received the email from Dennis at Pescatore's Italian Restaurant, in Glen Mills, about their Autumn Craft Beer Dinner, we were immediately intrigued. And then we were giddy, as it was the first time someone was doing a 'Delaware Hop Scene' specific discount! Yes, we know, this is somewhat dorky to get that excited about something like that, but hey, we couldn't help it, it was pretty awesome in our book!
Anyway, the more we learned about the beer dinner, we started looking forward to it more and more! Then Dennis posted the menu for the dinner online, October 4th couldn't come soon enough!

Our friends Erika and Shawn were joining us for the beer dinner. We all had a little time to kill before the dinner started, so we met at one of our favorite places for Happy Hour - Whole Foods in Glen Mills! As we've posted in the past, Whole Foods has 8 taps of local craft beers rocking all the time, and during happy hour the already reasonable prices are $1 off! Before the dinner we figured, why not get the autumn craft beer theme kicked off, and had a pint of Old Forge Brewery Smashing Pumpkin and a pint of Lavery Brewing Company Stingy Jack. Our bill for the two pints? $4. Total. For real.

If you aren't already following Whole Foods on Facebook, do make sure you 'Like' them - they post their tap list pretty frequently!

We finished our pints, and headed across the street to Pescatore's where we realized this beer dinner was going to be no joke - they close the restaurant to the public for this event! This was, by far, going to be the biggest beer dinner we've been to! And we've been to quite a few beer dinners!

Dennis, the general manager and fellow craft beer lover, arranged for folks from Long Trail Brewing CompanyPrism Brewing Company, and Troegs Brewing Company to join the fun of the beer dinner. It was great chatting with the reps from each of the breweries. You really can't beat a night that includes awesome beer, awesome food and talking beer for hours on end! They were really involved with introducing the beers that were being served throughout the night, which is something we love seeing at the beer dinners we attend. It's also very cool when it's not just a rep from the brewery, but the brewer or owner themselves! We loved that!

We also loved hearing how one guest won his tickets for the event through West Chester Dish - you have to read the poem he wrote!
Tis the season
For a great Autumn meal
Pescatore’s won’t disappoint
As the menu is unreal
From the first course’s tasty salad
Through devouring the delectable cheese cake
I better wear my sweatpants
Because my belt would sure break
I am a craft beer enthusiast
For beers far and near
It would be an honor to dine with these fine brewers
To talk off their ear
Choosing one favorite brewery from the guest list
Is no easy task
I better do some hard thinking
While pouring a frothy pint from the cask
But long ago the geniuses of Troegs
Have delighted my palate
With their delicious taste and bold flavors
I’ve always been an advocate
So bring on Troegs and the other fine brews
To enjoy during this grand affair
Great food, great beer, great company
I can’t wait to pull up a chair
After we were seated, we were encouraged to visit the bar for the to try out the "Introductory Beers" - Long Trail Pumpkin Ale, which was debuted this year, and Magic Hat Brewing Company Hex. The Pumpkin Ale was a tasty pumpkin brew, where Hex is Magic Hat's Oktoberfest. I haven't had Hex in a few years, and forgot how good it is! 

Now take a look at what we indulged in last night - and boy did we indulge!

First Course
Mango Arugula Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Feta Cheese and Red Onion, topped with a Raspberry Vinagigrette and paired with Finch's Beer Co. Golden Wing Blond Ale. Finch's is from Chicago and served in a 16 ounce can! Having never had Finch's we were both looking forward to trying the ale, which was really smooth and paired perfectly with the salad.
1st, 2nd and 3rd course!
Second Course
Sauteed Calamari Stuffed with Spinach and Crab Meat in a Zesty Marinara Sauce, paired with Goose Island Harvest Ale. Looking at the plate was awesomely overwhelming. There was a lot going on, and it was all so god! The zesty-ness of the marinara sauce and the lightness of the crab meet went so well with the Harvest Ale.  

Third Course

Pumpkin Ravioli Topped with a Fresh Mushroom Cream Sauce, paired with Uinta Punk'n Harvest Pumpkin Ale. I don't typically like to play favorites in life, but at this beer dinner, I didn't have a choice - the third course was outstanding! The pumpkin raviolis had an amazing sweet and fall spiced balance that it could have almost passed for dessert! All four of us wanted seconds! Paired with the Punk'n was perfect. This may take the lead for one of my top pumpkin ales! 

Fourth Course
4th and 5th course!
Veal Short Ribs with Maple and Cinnamon Basted Baby Carrots and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, paired with Prism Brewing Red Zone Spiced Ale - or as our friend Erika called it, apple pie in a pint glass! The spiciness of this brew went so well with everything on the plate in front of us! It also further proved how much we need to visit Prism and try even more of their beers!

Fifth Course

Pumpkin Cheesecake (yes!) paired with Troegs Java Head Stout (perfect!) I could very easily count how many times I've seen not only drink a stout, but actually finish it. It's probably his least favorite style of beer. But when it's pair the right way at these beer dinners, as it was tonight, he will finish each and every drop! Pairing Troegs Java Head Stout was perfection with the pumpkin cheesecake!

The food was outstanding! Each course just seemed to get better and better, and the pairings were perfect. Our usual sweet tooth was quite pleased with the meal ending with the light-as-air pumpkin cheesecake too!

Dennis did a fantastic job on this beer dinner! The vibe was energetic and fun! The food and beer were awesome and extremely plentiful! Dennis had tons of giveaways to keep everyone on their toes to see if they were going home with something fun! Erika won tickets to a Union game and we (well, Eric) won a gift certificate to JAX Clothing in Wilmington!

You can tell Dennis took a tremendous amount of time preparing for this night, from the menu and the pairings, to the decor and the menu books we recieved at our seat. Thank you for including us Dennis - we can't wait til the next dinner!