It's About Time

We've been talking about creating this blog for about a year now, but life seemed to keep getting in the way (or was that one too many beers got in the way? Either way...)

But now we're doing it. Now we're committed, now the cats out of the bag - now we're just going to have to keep you up to date on what's going on in and around our small little state of Delaware in the world of craft beer! (How can we leave out such an awesome beer city like Philly?) Pint by snifter by mug by tulip glass, we're going to update you on what's going in the ever growing craft beer industry. Drinking a few beers along the way, purely for research of course...oh darn!

Here's a little about us. We're Eric and Lindsey, two 30-something's living in Wilmington, Delaware, who both have a great affection for the glory that is the craft beer industry. Even more specifically, we love the local craft beer industry. We love scoping out the latest and greatest in brews and events. I (Lindsey) have a great love of all things Delaware (although I'm a Jersey girl at heart) and love how lucky we are to have such amazing breweries, brewpubs, and pubs throughout our state, that are getting better and better every day. And we like to frequent them (to ensure they stay in business of course!), as often as possible!

About 10 or so years ago, while out with a friend of mine, I made the mistake of ordering a Miller Lite in front of him. I was in my early 20's and on a bit of a limited budget, so I didn't see the big deal. He proceeded to tell our server that I would not be drinking "that watered down crap" and ordered me my first craft beer. It was love at first taste. I remember loving the almost sweetness of the hops I was tasting. Although I don't remember exactly what the beer was (keep in mind, I was a beer drinker at that point and hold my own, but I wasn't a good beer drinker...and didn't fare as well holding my own in the much higher alcohol spectrum!) From then on, especially whenever I was out with this particular friend, I liked trying the more unique beers available, Not just the basic, boring, conglomerate brewery beers. I remember a trip to Red Hook Brewery in NH and thinking, oh this is what beer is supposed to taste like. And having a pint at Kelly's in Albuquerque, NM, sitting outside in the cool Southwestern nights, again, understanding the awesomeness of drinking hand crafted beers. As I walked past The Boston Beer Company a few years later, I knew I had to stop in to see what's kept Sam Adams around for as long as it has.

Since then, and even more so since I started dating Eric a few years back, my interest, knowledge and exposure to the exploding craft beer industry just continues to grow. I mean, our trips are often based around where where we're going to find the best beers wherever we're visiting. This included taking a very expensive cab ride from the resort we were staying at in Bermuda, to a Whole Foods-like shop in Hamilton. We knew our trip would be awesome, but having a few craft beers to indulge in throughout the trip couldn't hurt. And the moment we spotted their craft beers from both the US and the UK - it was like heaven descended upon us on that gorgeous little island! Not a shabby way to start off a great trip!

Eric has a few years on me when it comes to his exposure and experience with craft beers, with some home brewing experience along the way. (<----which I am so making him teach me at some point!) I think I've only seen him drink some of the more commercialized beers maybe a handful of times, if that. You have to respect that!

My (Eric) exposure to good beer started when most people were drinking the worst (i.e. cheapest) beer, my college years at West Chester.  My roommates and I would have small parties, where our big splurge would be 1/4 kegs of Labbat Blue.  If only I knew then what I know now. After years of drinking beers like Labbat Blue, I started noticing the amount of craft beer becoming more and more available in our area. That combined with my roommate, Paul's, home brewing experience I quickly started exploring different kinds of beer.

Living in Delaware since graduating from college, it has been difficult to find what I consider good beer. Thankfully in recent years that has finally started to change.  That's where this blog comes in. We want to spread the word about good beer and the awesome bars and restaurants that are making Delaware a beer drinker's destination.