A Change of Place

Nearly 6 years ago (on March 24th to be exact), we launched a blog and social media to get the word out about the great things happening in the craft beer world around Delaware. That was the day Delaware Hop Scene was born. It seemed only appropriate to name it so specific to the state we lived in, as many of our adventures were around the state and around our love of craft beer. 

Living anywhere other than Delaware seemed unfathomable. Sometimes we threw around the idea of moving to a warmer climate, or maybe Philly, but we knew the furthest we’d probably move was North Wilmington. Delaware was home. 

Then sometimes an unexpected event leads to an even more unexpected change. Somewhere along the way, a surprise decision was made…we were moving. And we were moving back to New Jersey, a place I hadn’t lived in 18+ years. 

Family, tradition, and a giant tug on my heartstrings will make you do something so unexpected, and that’s what brought me back to the place I called home for nearly half my life. Thank goodness Eric was willing to come along for the ride. As we discussed the possibility of the move he couldn’t have put it any simpler when he said he couldn’t think of a reason not to make the move. 

Let me backtrack for a minute. 

As we were kicking of a weekend of celebrating the wedding of two dear friends, I found out that my grandmother, my Mimi, had passed away. 

Shortly after, as my family took the steps to clear out the home, I started thinking about the history of Mimi’s home. It wasn’t just the home that my father (and Aunt) grew up in, it was the home my great parents first moved into around 1900. It was a home where my grandfather and his siblings were born. And a home where my grandparents moved to when my father was a young boy. I realized with my Mimi’s passing, the nearly 120-year history of my family living in this home was about to come to an end. That’s when I knew that I had the opportunity to keep the home in my family. 

At first, I was still working in Delaware, spending at least 5 days out of the week in the place we called home for so many years. I thought the only thing that would change once we moved would be where we laid our head at night. That soon changed when an opportunity was soon presented to me and I started a new position in Conshohocken. At this point I quickly realized that it was becoming more and more difficult to give Delaware the focus we once had. 

Though we won’t be in Delaware quite as much, our love of craft beer, traveling, indulging in regional foods, and all the other things we’ve shared over the years, isn’t changing. You may notice a name change in the near future, but we’re still doing what we do, just with a slightly Jersey twist! 

We hope you’ll stick around to see where our newest adventure takes us. 

Lindsey and Eric