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Seafoam diary is promising but it is technically already on here seeing as how it is a continuation of kaito shuno. Is a comic strip about a young gay man (brandon) making his way through life, love, and family. <<< definitely worth adding, i'm really surprised its not on here. Quest thru a series of hot sexual and romantic encounters with guys of all types (and sometimes girls too). The content of these websites do not reflect the views or opinions of boyinpinkearmuffs. Fuck yeah dale lazarov is the tumblr for gay erotic comics writer/editor dale lazarov.

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By sara

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Mature gay comic. The creature of lovelyss (lovelyss. Gay erotic superhero art. I can even go into how a lot of them revolve around gross heteronormative stereotypes that het romance has. Save girls with slingshots, of course~. You should add seiyuu crush. Is very nsfw nc-17+ but again very very good.


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By woods

Omiiigosh thank you soooo much! i have read honeydew syndrome some years back and just totally forgot about it. You beat me to it, i was just about to suggest this. Really good gay vampire horror.

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