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Surely we must acknowledge that movie enthusiasts are often salt lords and must vent their distaste. There were so many good comments made around the early 2000’s and they are all gone now. R18′ i’m not r17, but, come on, on datalounge, it’s not organized as well for a movie buff, even if the comments are more interesting and that there is a lot less trolling. Analogy (from greek , analogia, “proportion”[1][2]) is a cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another (the target), or a linguistic expression corresponding to such a process. Yes there are idiots aplenty, but there is also sublime wit, pomposity-pricking, error correction and articulate proponents of alternative views.

Imdb shutting down message boards and private messaging - oh no they didnt! page 6Imdb is shutting down its long-running, popular message boards after 16 years - slashdot


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Imdb assholes on message boards. I bet they won’t archive. Fidonet still deserves mention. Just try starting a thread. Truly glad that this is the worst day of your life. R140) i’m a straight chick aka frau, and i’ve been posting here for about 3 years. However, you have reminded me of a lot of the great discussions that i have experienced here.

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[quote] “womanly” ass, not “fat” ass. Absolute chaos and there were only about 25-30 posters.

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