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Do guys like hairy vaginas or not? - relationship advice

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And oh man, the immediate sensation of itching not to mention it always felt like i was sweating more than usual. I suppose you are going to call me an asshole once you have finished reading my letter, but i hope you have some advice for me regardless. Like you wrote the book in it or something. Absolutely no pubic hair. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 xper points. I was curious myself, so i went one step further & removed all the hair. If he doesn’t accept you the way that you are, trust me, there’s someone out there who will, hair and all.

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Do men prefer hairy pussys. The others told me it was dirty and unattractive, and one even rejected me completely. Who cares what a muzzie does? by the way it is not surprising given the fact that mohammed married what? his 7 year old niece or something crazy like that? take your religious nonsense someplace else. I am a cyclist and i completely shave my pubes, legs and chest. It is much more comfortable for me, and it feels cleaner. Keep your personal bitter opinions to your own facebook status posts or learn to present them in a non-judgemental/chauvinistic manner. It was 1993 and my gf at the time said she’d heard trimming was in.


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You will have the same answers with stronger reasons and new answers with better reasons. I have noticed i smell fresher longer on days i shave.

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