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I smirked and ‘hmmph-ed,’ then i paused and narrowed my eyes. Targon was your daeradar arathorn’s much younger brother. And although it wasn’t something i liked to recall, the memory of what aragorn had told me about faramir and damrod just days after i had been reunited with my brother surged forth again, flooding me with the same sorrow i’d felt when learning of it. Slash and sex scenes.

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Aragorn faramir spank. Once some wooden targets had been set up, the two men mounted on their steeds, continuing to bicker and postulate good-naturedly. Boromir had flat out refused to give faramir his present before the yule, and faramir was desperate to see what his beloved brother had gotten him. Pippin will never speak of it. Rest assured, you and i will have a very long discussion about this when you are healed and looking less pale. Argument about his fitness. A broad smile broke across his face.


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A harsh word

Life after the war of the ring is not all roses, as faramir discovers while trying to come to terms with the changes, losses and his own insecurities while everyone around him is celebrating. Faramir had to consider his words before starting again.

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