Thursday, September 18, 2014

Now Open: Trolley Tap House!

Walking up to Trolley Tap House, it's hard to believe that just two months ago this spot was CR Hooligans. The yellow and blue exterior is gone, leading way to a toned down gray exterior (though you may notice the baseball bat door handles that once belonged to Hooligans are still there). 

As we stepped into the doors of the Tap House, we were welcomed into a warm and comfortable, super inviting area, filled with a collection of high and low top tables, a bar and the two signature garage doors leading to the outdoor seating. 
Deciding to take full advantage of such a gorgeous night last night, we opted to sit outside on the patio where our wonderful server, Joel, took care of us. Right off the bat it was tricky narrowing down what we wanted to try on our first visit to the Tap House. General Manager Patrick Jones did a fantastic job at creating a nice balance of options available on tap. It's not too heavy on one style, offering some nice options for the craft beer novice that might wander in off of Delaware Avenue. 

After mulling the menu over a few (dozen!) times, I landed on the Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Extra and Eric went with Evolution Lot #3. Our friends Sam and Jackie sipped on two local brews, 16 Mile Soulful Ginger and Twin Lakes Route 52 Pilsner
Once we settled in on the drinks, we needed to pick what was going to be our post-work day snack. The menu is extremely tempting, and it was pretty darn hard landing on what we went with! We ended up trying their Pub Fries, topped with Porter onions, grated sharp cheese, fresh herbs and a malt aioli. On Jackie's suggestion (who had already been to the Tap House on Tuesday night during their quiet soft opening) Sam went with the Fried Green Bean, which are served with a lemon herb aioli. Both were so, so tasty! 

For round two we opted to take advantage of the smaller, 6-ounce pours that Trolley Tap House offers. This time around I went with cask-conditioned Mispillion Double Chin and Eric went with Brooklyn Blast. By this time our friend Erika joined us for a drink. She picked a big one, Sierra Nevada Narwhal

To tell the bartenders what's on tap, the Tap House has hand written in what's pouring from each tap. We loved seeing that the glass type for each beer was written below each name as well. Such a great training tool! 

As Trolley Tap House is looking at day # 3 of service, we have a feeling this spot is going to make a great impact on the craft beer scene in the state. Before the doors even opened yesterday, there were a few people waiting for them to open for the evening. Patrick mentioned the crowds on Tuesday night were exciting and they were pretty full not long after opening the doors at 6:30pm. Last night they opened at 5:00pm for dinner and it's pretty easy to say that within the hour they had another full house. The enthusiasm and excitement behind the staff is easy to see. We're looking forward to another visit to Trolley Tap House - it's so great to have another strong craft beer location to throw into the mix in Delaware! 

Here are some more (beer!) shots from around Trolley Tap House!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Calling All Hop Heads - #IPADay in (and around) Delaware

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Hop Heads rejoice - it's IPA Day! It isn't quite Christmas in July, it's Christmas in August for folks like us who to gravitate towards the beloved IPA! Delaware has embraced this day and there is some serious celebrating happening around the state today:

  • All three Two Stones Pub locations are dedicating a good portion of their taps to IPAs today. Here's what each location will have on tap:
    • Two Stones Pub Newark:
      • *Yards IPA
        *Victory HopDevil
        *DFH 60 Minute
        *Green Flash White
        *3rd Wave Wave Ryed'r
        *Lagunitas Night Time
        *Elysian Savant
        *New Belgium Rampant
        *Stone Go To
        *Stone Cali-Belgique
        *Stone RuinTen
        *Stone Unapologetic
        *Stone Double Bastard
        *Stone Saison
        *Stone Imperial Russian
        *Stone Arrogant Bastard
    • Two Stones Pub Naamans:
      • *DFH 60 Minute
        *Victory HopDevil
        *Yards IPA
        *Evolution Lot #3
        *DuClaw Neon Gypsy
        *Lagunitas Night Time
        *Green Flash White
        *Sierra Nevada Torpedo
        *Stone Go To
        *Stone Cali-Belgique
        *Stone RuinTen
        *Stone Unapologetic
        *Stone Levitation
        *Stone Saison
        *Stone Imperial Russian
        *Stone Arrogant Bastard
    • Two Stones Pub Kennett
    • *Troegs Perpetual
      *Victory HopDevil
      *Yards IPA
      *Evolution Lot #3
      *Ithaca Flower Power
      *Bells Two Hearted
      *Stone Collective Distortion
      *Stone RuinTen
      *Stone Go To
      *Stone IPA
      *Stone Smoked Chipotle
      *Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
      *Stone Quadrotritocale
      *Stone Matt's Burning Rosids
  • Hooray for IPA Day! at the Dogfish Head Brewery
    • Special IPA Day tasting Flights
      • Sensory Flight 
        • 60 Minute – classic IPA
        • 60 Minute through Palisade – Earthy, Floral, Fruity
        • 60 Minute through Simcoe – Citrus, Piney
        • 90 Minute – note malt backbone 
      • Graduated Flight 
        • 60 Minute – 6% ABV / 60 IBU’s / continually hopped for 60 minutes
        • 75 Minute – 7.5% ABV / carbonated naturally
        • 90 Minute – 9% ABV / 90 IBU’s / continually hopped for 90 minutes
        • 120 Minute – 15-20% ABV / 120 IBU’s / continually hopped for 120 minutes 
      • IPA Spinoff Flight 
        • Sixty-One – IPA fermented with syrah grape must
        • 75 Minute – cask conditioned with maple syrup
        • Indian Brown Ale – first dark IPA with organic brown sugar
        • Burton Baton – 90 minute blended with an English strong ale aged in oak 
      • Dueling Randalls 
        • 60 Mintue through Palisade – Earthy, Floral, Fruity 
        • 60 Minute through Simcoe – Citrus, Piney 
      • IPA trivia with giveways 
      • Hop Pickle relish at Bunyan's Lunchbox for their brats and their hop-pickled chip dip 
      • Plus it's Vintage & Vinyl Happy Hour starting at 4:30pm. This week they're pouring: 
        • 2010 Burton Baton
        • 2011 Hellhound On My Ale 
        • 2011 120 Minute 
        • 2012 120 Minute 
      • Can't make it to the Dogfish Head Brewery or Brewpub, keep an eye on their web store - they're going to have some one-day super IPA Day specials.
  • Argilla Brewing #IPADay Celebration 
    • Argilla is celebrating this day with brews inspired by the Beastie Boys. They're going to be pouring 
      • MCA IPA (mosaic, citra & amarillo hops 
      • ADROCK IPA (admiral, mt. hood, mt. rainer & cascade hops) 
      • MikEL D. (el dorado IPA) 
      • FLUTE LUPLIN (Double IPA brewed w/honey) 
      • LIVE @ PJ'S (farmhouse ipa) 
      • JOHNNY RYEALL (black rye ipa) 
      • TO THE 33 BURROUGHS (NITRO) (English ipa) 
      • MANGO KANGOL (mango ipa) 
      • PAUL'S PALE 
      • GRAND ROYAL RED (red ipa) 
      • BOOMIN GRAINIES (dry hopped pale ale) 
      • THEY ALL CALL ME ADAM YAUCH BUT I'M AN IPA (session ipa) 
    • They'll also have some random quizzes with prizes as well as a 50/50 - with half the winnings going to the winner's charity of choice. 
  • 16 Mile Brewing IPA Day Celebration 
    • 16 Mile is celebrating IPA Day with special prices on Inlet IPA, Bridge Brown IPA and Made in the Shade Black IPA 
    • They're also releasing their newest beer, Baby's Lunch Double IPA 
  • Mispillion River Brewing IPA Day Celebration 
    • Mispillion will be pouring 7 IPAs today: 
      • Great White Buffalo White IPA 
      • Oecagon Imperial IPA 
      • Z.J. Imperial IPA 
      • Big Earl Black IPA 
      • Reach Around IPA 
      • Anglo Saxon Double IPA 
      • Double Chin IPA 
    • They'll also have a Firkin of Double Chin conditioned on Seville Oranges 
    • Food will be available from Mr. Bar B Que and there will be live music with Slinging Daisies
  • UPDATE: 
    • Chelsea Tavern
      • All of the following IPAs are half price today
        • Dogfish Head “Bottle-Conditioned” 75 Minute I.P.A. 750ml. 21
        • Dogfish Head Rhizing Bines Imperial I.P.A. 750ml. 28
        • Dogfish Head Robert Johnson’s Hellhound on My Ale, Imperial I.P.A. 750ml. 27
        • Elysian Avatar Jasmine I.P.A. 22oz. 14
        • Elysian Savant I.P.A. 22oz. 16
        • Elysian “The Immortal” I.P.A. 22oz. 13
        • Harpoon “100 Barrel Series, Session 50” Citra Victorious, A.P.A. 22oz. 15
        • New Belgium Rampant Imperial I.P.A. 22oz. 14
        • New Belgium Ranger American I.P.A. 22oz. 12
        • No-Li Empire No. 8 I.P.A. 22oz. 12
        • Rogue Brutal IPA 22oz. 15
        • Rogue Juniper Pale Ale 22oz. 14
        • Stone IPA, Double Dry-Hopped I.P.A. 22oz. 13
        • Stone R&R Coconut I.P.A. 22oz. 15
        • Stone Ruination I.P.A., American Imperial I.P.A. 22oz. 14
    • Home Grown Cafe:
      • On tap: Sam Adams Rebel IPA
      • Bottle specials: Abita Spring IPA and Otter Creek Fresh Slice White IPA. They still have Green Flash Palate Wrecker and Sixpoint Resin as well. 

We'll keep updating this as we find out more IPA Day love happening around the state!

And don't forget, when you're social media-ing it up for #IPADay be sure to use #CraftBeerDE and #BeerDE to show your Delaware Craft Beer love!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Checking Out The Dogfish Inn

After making our way through four days of Firefly, we hopped in the car as soon as we saw Jack Johnson finish his set and, rather than head north on Route 1 towards home, we took it south to Lewes so we could wake up bright and early the next day to see Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione and his son Sammy off on their 10-day, 5-stop boat trip aboard the S.S. Dogfish. Each stop included a beer dinner raising $10,000 for The Nature Conservancy. 
Sam's goal for the journey was to not only raise awareness of the beauty of coastal Delaware (which we are already quite familiar with, right?!) but to tell folks about the important work of 
The Nature Conservancy. Along the way Sam also wanted to share how easy it is to get to the Dogfish Inn, the brewpub and the brewery. Boy are we thankful for how easy it is!

After seeing the S.S. Dogfish on its way we made our way back to
 for the ribbon cutting of the much anticipated Dogfish Inn, which officially opened over 4th of July weekend. 

Here's Dogfish Head's VP Mariah Calagione, Off-Centered Innkeeper Andrew Greeley and Dogfish Head's Chief Operator Officer Nick Benz doing the honors!

From the moment we step into the Inn it is quite apparent that Dogfish is taking on the hotel industry a little differently than most might be used to. The first introduction to the Inn is the simply and perfectly designed lobby. It's welcoming, fun and exactly what we would expect from Dogfish. We could totally see hanging on the couch in front of the fire with a book from the Inn's Vusuvio Library, an ode to what was once the Vesuvio Motel, stocked by City Lights Books.
While you're wandering around the lobby area, you can pick up some Dogfish goodies to take back to your friends, family, yourself (of course!) and even your fellow pooch, who you know will be awaiting your arrival back at the homestead! 
Don't forget about Fido!
Pick up some Dog Bark! and a Frisbee!
Try the Chicory Coffee, a locally-roasted 
blend of Colombian coffee,
and dark malted brewers barley.
Items from the Dogfish/Woolrich collaboration are  available in the lobby, along with Dogfish soap and shampoo (we use this and love it!), and the Dogfish Apolis Market Bags (which you'll also find in the rooms). 

Now let's head to the rooms! 

Upon entering we quickly notice several of the Inn's partners featured throughout each of the 16 rooms, which we love. Our eye is first drawn to the inclusion of the latest collaboration with Woolrich, who Dogfish originally worked with a few years back on the wallpaper when they redesigned the tasting room. Most recently Dogfish and the outdoor gear manufacturer collaborated on not only a line of womens, mens and home gear, they also worked together on Pennsylvania Tuxedo, a spruce-infused Pale Ale (did you get a chance to try it?! So good!) The Woolrich + DFH blanket is featured in all of the rooms, perfect to keep you toasty on cool nights down at the beach! 

Other partners you'll find include the rooms are One Man Gathers Studio who framed Steve Rogers' Lightship Overfalls paintings. The paintings are showcased in each room of the Inn, with frames made from wood salvaged from an 1840's barn in Warren County, NJ. You can see one of the pictures in the picture to right (hung above the table).

The detail of every room is simple, clean, yet extremely clever. The Douglas Collection desks are perfect for writing home about your latest adventures in Lewes!

This is our kind of Mini Bar - Duke's JerkyBrooklyn Brine Dogfish Hop Pickles and Kettle Chips!
We totally dig this Jermaine Rogers Primus print in one of the rooms!
The Inn offers two room types: a room with two double beds and a room with a king size bed. Great options for a getaway with your honey or your fellow craft beer drinking cohorts! You're easily within walking distance of Lewes' restaurants, bars, pubs, liquor stores, galleries and so much more! 

As cool as the traditional rooms are, you have to see the SWEET! As soon as we walked in we pretty much wanted to call in sick and forget about heading back to our day jobs and just spend all day here!
Heading into the SWEET!
The sitting area is a great common room.
Digging the kitchen area of the Sweet!
We loved the simplicity of the bedrooms - there are two of them in the Sweet. Sweet!
You have to love the fun details in the loo! 
We love the randomness of the wood burning pieces by Brian Kolakowski in the stairway up to the SWEET! Which one is your favorite?

The firepit is the perfect spot to enjoy the brews you picked up at the Brewery or the Brewpub.

Spend the day at the beach? No worries? Rinse off in the outdoor shower before heading up to your room. Cause let's face it, one of the best parts of being at the beach is the outdoor shower! Just make sure you keep your skives on! 

Take Time Magazine's advice and add their top summer beer trend to your to-do list: stay at Delaware's own craft beer motel, The Dogfish Inn. The rooms are cozy, the folks are great and you won't be banished to your room. Unless you're drinking bad beer while listening to bad music! 

Our favorite time down at the beach is the off-season - I know, we're weird like that! We can't wait to book a weekend down at the Dogfish Inn exploring Lewes. With all the time we've spent at the Delaware beaches over the years, Lewes is one area we haven't had much of an opportunity to visit. We're excited for a pretty darn good excuse for that to change! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Win Tickets to the American Beer Classic in Washington, DC!

Who's up for a little road trip to DC next weekend for the American Beer Classic happening next Saturday, July 12th at RFK Stadium?! And maybe our latest giveaway...keep reading... 

The folks behind Firefly, Red Frog Events, have shared the details of the Beer Classic with us, and it sounds like a pretty darn good way to spend a Saturday afternoon in DC!

Here's what to expect:
60 breweries with roughly 135 different brews to sample
Access to RFK Stadium
A chance to chat with (and donate to) their partner, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Discounted prices on tickets are available until next Thursday, July 10th (to purchase, click here: can win a pair right here!

Here's how you can win: Red Frog is partnered with St. Jude's for the American Beer Classic. For a chance to win a pair of tickets, direct message us on either Facebook or Twitter or email us at with your answer to the following question:

Who is the spokesperson for St. Jude's?

A winner will be drawn, at random, on Tuesday, June 8th, at 5pm.

Good luck! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014


As if any of us really need an excuse to celebrate, it's American Craft Beer week starting today! Here's a brief run-down of what's going on around the state all week long. Check it out!

Monday, May 12th:
- Dogfish Head Celebrates American Craft Beer Week: Folks at the brewery will be wearing gear from their favorite brewery, and they're encouraging you to as well! Plus, American Beauty will be on sale in the tasting room shop and on tap at the tasting room bar.
- Stewart's Brewing is celebrating ACBW with their Hoppy Hour every day this week from 3pm til 6pm
- Fordham & Dominion Brewing are celebrating ACBW with a Tasting Beer Class at the brewery from 5pm til 7pm
- Kid Shelleen's is kicking of ACBW with the tapping of Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down

Tuesday, May 13th:
- Dogfish is all about collaborations today for ACBW. They'll have Rhizing Bines and Saison du Buff on sale in the brewery's tasting room shop and on tap the tasting room bar.
- There's a Delaware Brewers Guild Tap Takeover at 33 West in celebration of ACBW
- Fordham & Dominion Brewing ACBW Crafting Homebrew Recipes Class at the brewery
- Tyler's is featuring New Belgium Brewing tonight with their Summer Helles and a special keg of Lips of Faith Gruit. Plus, buy a pint, keep the glass.

Wednesday, May 14th: 
- Members of the Delaware Brewers Guild are invited to Dogfish Head brewery tours, plus with any book purchased from the tasting room shop, you'll receive a free curved pint glass.

Thursday, May 15th:
- Dogfish is hosting the MidAtlantic Wine & Food Festival Brewery Luncheon, plus Happy Hour Vintage & Vinyl to celebrate ACBW
- Good Libations Tour ACBW Kick Off Party at Restaurant 55 with Fordham & Dominion Brewing, Mispillion River Brewing and Harvest Ridge Winery

Friday, May 16th:
- Dogfish is all about the Red, White and Blue at the Brewery for ACBW. Sport your red, white & blue while sipping on Red & White and Black & Blue - both will be on tap and for sale in the tasting room and the shop, and Randall is coming for Happy Hour - Namaste through strawberries, blueberries and a secret ingredient.
- Fordham & Dominion Brewing Celebrates ACBW with Craft Beer 101 at the brewery
- Stewart's Celebrates ACBW with a Prix Fixe Brewer's Menu both today and tomorrow, Saturday, May 17th

Saturday, May 17th:
- Fordham & Dominion Brewing Celebrates ACBW with a Picnic at the Brewery
- Dogfish Head ACBW Tasting at Total Wine Claymont
- Fordham & Dominion Brewing Celebrates ACBW with Pinups and Airplanes at the Air Mobility Command Museum

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hop Heaven - AHopEclipseNow! Beer Dinner at the Dogfish Head Brewpub

We like the simple things in life (in no particular order) - sunshine, the beach, palm trees, family, friends, live music, good food, beer and those glorious hops. We're definitely hopheads - we’ve yet to meet a beer that was too hoppy for us! So when we got to attend Dogfish Head's AHopEclipseNow! Beer Dinner a month ago, we were in hop heaven!

Before we headed upstairs for the dinner, Sam invited everyone outside for a little show. And that's when we got a chance to see little hop mobile in action! We weren’t quick enough to grab a video (it may have been the pre-dinner brew we decided to have!), so you have to check out Sam and his buddy Ken Marino is this hysterical video to see how cool this car really is!

Now, back to the dinner! How can things go wrong when the first beer you're welcomed with is this year's release (with new, awesome bottle art!) of Aprihop? It was a gorgeous night down at the beach, and this beer was perfection for such a warmer wintery night. The Dogfish Head crew paired Aprihop with the Welcome Chartcuterie Platter of Serrano Ham, Soppresatta, Lardo & Apricots, Beemster XO, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and Buttermilk Blue. In addition to all of those goodies, on the tables were sharing plates of Esplette Popcorn, Smoked Marcona Almonds and Mixed Nuts. We loved that this was how the night was starting out!

After the Welcome Reception was over, we got to hear from Sam, who welcomed us to what was going to be a very cool night, giving us the lowdown on what to expect, before turning it over to the Chef, who walked us through what we were going to be indulging in, making us even more hungry than we already were!

Things were a bit different with this beer dinner, and in a very fun way. We've done several beer dinners at the Dogfish Head Brewpub over the years and most of them have followed the traditional beer dinner format - several amazing courses paired with several amazing brews. But AHopEclipseNow! switched that up - attendees decided what beers they thought paired best with each small plate within each course. Everyone was given smaller pours of 6 different beers:

· 60 Minute
· Constellation Funk
· 75 Minute on Cask
· Indian Brown Ale
· Burton Baton
· 120 Minute

And now, the fun began. The beers came pretty quickly which rocked so we could kick off the pairings and start tackling our ideas of what paired best together. Plus, for each of the "danger caps" we could request another smaller pour of a few beers, and with the redcap, we got a full pour of the beer of our choice. Fun stuff, right?

Okay, now moving back onto the dinner. It was broken down into three courses, 1st Course, 2nd Course and Desserts. Check it out...

1st Course:

• Korean BBQ Wings & Kimchee – we loved how this paired with 60 Minute and Constellation Funk. The subtle heat of the wings was so good with both of the brews. The Asians flavors really pulled together with the 60 Minute.
• Braised Bacon & Black Truffle Egg Salad – the smokiness of the bacon went well with Indian Brown; and the nuttiness of the black truffle rocked and rolled with the Burton Baton.
• Crab Salad and Watermelon with Chili Threads – this salad was delicate and amazing, so we wanted to go with a beer that wouldn’t overpower the flavors. Our favorite beer with this course was the Constellation Funk. Want to make a similar salad? Check out this Dogfish Dish recipe!

2nd Course:• DFH Spicy Espresso Sausage and Chili Mustard – the spiciness from the sausage and the chili mustard complimented all of the beers, in our opinion, which was kind of fun.
• Lamb Chops and Parmesan Frites – the 120 was the clear winner with this course, but we also like how the lamb and parmesan frites paired with the 75 Minute and Indian Brown
• Venison Stew – Indian Brown was one of our favorite pairings for this course. It really seemed to pull out the flavors of the stew. 75 Minute was another brew that we thought worked well with this part of the 2nd course.

(yes, that is supposed to be plural)
• Ancho and Belgian Chocolate Truffles – here’s another course that we loved pretty much every brew we had throughout the evening. The spicy flavor from the ancho was a great compliment to the rich Belgian chocolate. Oh how we love chocolate and beer!
• Chocolate and Bacon Cheesecake – although we may love chocolate and bacon even more! We’ve had this cheesecake with World Wide Stout, pairing it with Indian Brown, Burton, 75 Minute and 120 Minute were pretty much out of this world too!
• Carrot and Orange Cookies – for some reason we didn’t expect the 120 to pair so well with these cookies, but they did! This was another dessert treat that we also liked with Indian Brown, Constellation Funk and Burton Baton!

All night long we had such a good time basically playing with our food, trying to figure out what we thought paired best with what foods. We’re thinking we might have to try a little something like this at home with friends!

Feel like you missed out on the Brewpub Beer Dinners? You’re in luck – there’s one more for the season next Sunday, April 27th with a Small Batch Beer Dinner theme! It’s way too easy to get tickets too – all you have to do is click here!

And now we're off to daydream about hops, hops, and more hops! Cheers!